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3701 Stinson Boulevard

St Anthony, MN. 55421


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Why "Dive Bar" Catering? Because our goal is to bring the dive bar's philosophy of honesty, integrity and general real-ness to catering. Our mission is to get everyone we come in contact with "livin' the dive life!" Its awesome over here!!

Why Dive Bar ?

I've always been drawn to the dive bar. Even before I understood the term, I understood what I liked ;  the local VFW in the small town up north. The seedy joint attached to the alley where my folks bowled on Fridays. They were the 3-2 joints that peppered the neighborhoods where I grew up on the  North side of Minneapolis.  And if I saw my Gramps' caddy out back, I knew I would be allowed in. But if I played it cool, I'd get to hang out, maybe score a greasy burger and an over syrup-ed cherry coke, possibly a game of Space Invaders!

These places all shared a sense of comfort, of acceptance. They delivered an air of genuine honesty in a world that felt like nothing was as it seemed. Consistency in a world of uncertainty. These things put me at peace. The rules were a little different inside those doors. 


To me, a "dive bar" is an escape from the arbitrary, ever changing and often unnecessary rules and expectations of our world.  Inside you will find a collection of stories and customs as unique as the individuals themselves. And we are unconcerned with the opinions of the critics. Because we are straight shooters and we're honest to a fault. We do what we say and we say what we mean and bullshit walks as quickly as the people who bring it!  Not everyone will agree or even appreciate my definition of what makes a Dive Bar. And that's okay. I'm not trying to be all things to all people. Instead, I choose to be everything to some people.  And anyone that's met me down at The Unofficial or Sportys, or any of the other dozen places i've worked in my career will tell you; Im a passionate, driven individual who doesn't accept half measures or mediocrity form myself or anyone around me. Not many things are more important to me than putting out a high quality product, at a fair price, that is presented with care, by people who love what they do, for people who love them for it! And I believe this is reflected in my organization. And of for whatever reason that's not enough, I say you ask too much. 

"Some people don't like dive bars......... those people suck!"

Chris Christopherson

Founder, Dive Bar Catering

Everybody on our team is a restaurant pro. We love what we do and it shows in our product. We created this to be the antithesis of the traditional caterer.

The "Dive Bar" of caterers.

You will never get hit with surprise charges. And you will never pay for anything that is not delivered 100% as promised. Nope, Like a dive bar we give it to you straight. We're honest to fault. And we NEVER lie.


When we make promises.......... we keep 'em. 'Nuff said.